iOS app: From scratch to app store Part 1


I believe the best way to learn is by tutorial. Which is why iOS by Tutorials
is my best book series. Learning should be fun. So we will learn swift and have fun at the same time.

What we will be building

We will be using the traktv api to build a movie and tv show app. We will be figuring out functionalities to add to our app as the tutorial progress. We will encounter various concept of iOS development and swift language while building the app and we will discuss these concepts.

What you will need for this tutorial

  1. Mac
  2. Xcode
  3. iPhone (simulator can be used for testing but when we get to submitting our app to app store, this becomes necessary)
    I’m excited. I hope you are. Let’s begin.

Johnson Ejezie

I'm an enthusiastic mobile developer with basic experience in web development. I have extensive knowledge in iOS Mobile Applications development. Competencies: iOS development (Objective-c and Swift)

Lagos, Nigeria